Grilled meat and Argentinian cuisine

At El Calafate we count on grillmasters specialized in meat preparation.

One of our specialties is Angus beef, from which you can find out its origins below, as well as information about our star meat, product of Iberian Segureña lamb, and the cuts of Argentine beef roast.

Besides, you’ll be able to combine our exquisite selection of grilled meat and traditional Argentinian dishes with a selection of Mediterranean delicacies.

Come and enjoy our menu!


Plato de Jamón Ibérico de bellota con pan de cristal
Vitel Tone (Andrelo)
Langostinos Flameados
Matambre Casero arrollado con ensaladilla rusa
Carpaccio de Solomillo con rúcula, Queso Parmesano y Vinagreta de Mostaza
Steak tartar
Tartar de atún
Gambas al ajillo


Entrantes Criollos

Chorizo y Morcilla Criolla
Provoleta “ El Calafate” (beicon y cebolla caramelizada)
Mollejas a la parrilla
Riñones a la parrilla
Verduras variadas a la brasa



Empanada criolla (carne cortada a cuchillo)
Empanada de pollo
Empanada Caprese
Empanada Cebolla y Queso
Empanada criolla picante



Ensalada Mixta (mezclum, cebolla y tomate cherry)
Ensalada Glaciar(salmón ahumado, aguacate, tomate cherry, canónigos, olivas negras, crema balsámica )
Ensalada Calafate (espinaca baby, queso de cabra, picatostes, nueces, pasas, pipa de girasol y reducción de aceto balsámico)
Ensalada Variada (mezclum, bonito, huevo, maíz, cebolla ,olivas verdes y tomate cherry )
Ensalada Perito Moreno (bacalao, patata, tomate cherry y olivas negras)
Ensalada Caprese (mozzarella de búfala, tomate asado y aliño de albahaca)


Pastas Caseros

Ravioles de Verdura (espinacas y queso)
Sorrentinos ( jamón, mozzarella de bufala, requesón y nueces)
Ñoquis de patata
Salsas: Fileto, Cuatro quesos, Carbonara, Pesto y Boloñesa


Sugerenciasde nuestro Chef

Milanesa de ternera (entrecot argentino)
Milanesa de pollo
Suplemento: a la napolitana o “a caballo”
Solomillo al foie flambeado al Pedro Ximénez
Cordero D.O. Sierra de Segura (el pata negra de los corderos)
Chuletón de Leon 1 Kg
Costillar de Nebraska al estilo argentino (a fuego lento)


Plato Infantil

Guille(mini milanesa con patatas fritas)
Mafalda (mini solomillo de ternera con patatas fritas)


Carnes típicas a la brasa

Tira de Asado
Degustación “PERITO MORENO” para 2 personas (chorizo, morcilla, tira, vacío y entraña)
Degustación “EL CALAFATE” para 2 personas (chorizo, morcilla, mollejas, vacio, entraña, tira y entrecot de importación)
Pollo a la parrilla, pechuga o muslo (deshuesado)


Carnes de Importación

Entrecote Argentino 200grs
Entrecote Argentino 300grs
Entrecote Argentino 500grs
Solomillo Argentino 200grs
Solomillo Argentino 300grs
Solomillo Argentino 500grs
Bife de Chorizo 500grs
Entrecot de Nebraska 250grs


Nuestras papas

Papas Fritas Calafate (con huevo y virutas de jamón)
Papas Fritas
Papas fritas a la provenzal
Papas a la parrilla



Panqueque de dulce de leche
Crep de chocolate Miroir
Sorbete especial “ EL CALAFATE”
Espuma de dulce de leche
Charlotte (helado crocante con chocolate caliente)
Coulant de chocolate con helado de vainilla
Copa Don Pedro (crema helada vainilla, nueces y whisky)
Helados Italianos Artesanos (Dulce de leche, Pistacho, Yogur, Frutas de temporada)
Consulte nuestras tartas al Chef



Chocolate Belga y sus virutas
Sorbete de cítricos y verduras
Dulce de leche porteño con chocolate
Yogur con frambuesas
Helados sin gluten. Aptos para celíacos.


Origin of Angus meat

In the 1523 in the Scottish counties Aberdeen and Forfarshire, part of which was know as Angus, a type of hairy, black coated beef cattle was found. Due to its notable attributes it soon became popular in Great Britain, Ireland, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and the rest of the world.

In 1879, more than 120 years ago, Mr Carlos Guerrero imported the first Aberdeen Angus reproductors to Argentina, all the way from Scotland. The promising future of our breeding, was stimulated by the incorporation of cattle with selected blood with British roots, this improved the rodeos criollos and cuarterones, with low levels of productivity. Owing to its own productive aptitudes and because of the unbeatable quality of its meat, Aberdeen Angus became succesful over all of Argentina and became recognised as THE LEADING STOCK.


Lamb from Sierra de Segura

Segureña lambs are considered an ecotype made from “entrefino” selected since the 13th century in the old sea province of Segura de la sierra (where oragraphically Albacete, Almeria, Granada, Jaen and Murcia meet).

This rustic race adapts to ecologic changes and the lambs grow well with the milk produced by their mothers who dedicate themselves exclusively to feeding their offspring.


Types of Argentinian cuts

Vacio: Cut in the lateral of the hindquarters of the animal, between the ribs and the hips. Juicy and fibrouts, when it is roasted a membrane covers it.

Entraña: Part of the diaphragm next to the ribs. It is a popular cut because of the quickness with wich it is cooked but it must be juicy. Argentinians prefer other cuts such as vacio or tira de asado.

Tira de Asado: Cut with an electric saw in strips of 3 to 5cm of thickness perpendicular to the bones. It is a cut from the external part of the cow. The first ribs are the tasties because there is less fat. From the fourth rib onwards they are thicker and more fatty.

Bife de chorizo: Before it is cut it is triangular and cylinderlike in shape. The equivalent cut in Spain is the chop.